2019 Bend Racing's
Metolius Mission

July 20

race overview

We've long wanted to have the Metolius River in a race, but permitting is a pain because it is Wild and Scenic.  But packrafting is part of it's rec designation and it flows all summer long.  So it is time to do the mission we've dreamed of.  Is it possible?  Help us find out.  Become a legend.

Watch this video for inspiration and if you are excited...you better join us.

What is POC racing?  A new format that is exciting and potentially more adventurous than anything you've ever done.

Dates: July 20, start early.  TBD

Host Location: Near Sisters, Oregon.

Disciplines: Mountain biking, packrafting (grade III+ optional), cave exploration, and trekking.  

POC Level: 10 multisport self contained, 7 multisport supported, 6 Mountain bike primary. 

Course Open: as long as you want, POC style.  We think it will be between 14-24 hours.

Team Format: Teams of any size.  Solo racing not recommended on this one, at least for the WW section.

Race Concept:

Self Contained Multisport AR:  This is the ultimate idea here - Alaska Wilderness classic style.  A giant loop race where you start and finish with all your gear.  There may be some orienteering section where you can ditch some gear and come back to it.  It is necessary that you would choose to packraft while carrying a bike.  Great fun.  Take the time to take your derailluer off.  

Supported Multisport AR:  Get a loved one to help move your bike so you do not need to put it on your raft.  Buy them some beer and tell them they'll get to see awesome stuff.

Bike Primary:  Basically, do the whole course via bike and foot.  Some awesome riding.  Lots of it.  

Gear you'll need or want:  Mountain bike, gear to stay warm, packraft (single), Ski straps (for lashing your bike to boat) and all the safety gear that goes along with those things.  Phone (waterproofed) for Orienteer passport. Food too.  We'll provide maps and course notes, and technical hosting of the website etc.

Fee for waterproof maps/digital passport: $30 pp.  And yes you can buy the maps etc and not race.  The race is free.  We just won' give you the maps till the race day!

What kind of epic adventure would you be getting yourself into? For your viewing pleasure...

our 2017 bend-ar

Created by our favorite video master Chip Fieberg

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