September 16-17, 2017

40+ miles MTB

12+ miles trekking

8+ miles paddling (whitewater and flatwater)

Ropes/technical terrain sections

Moderate to difficult navigation sections

Point-to-point expedition style course

Midnight coffee/ramen station

Finish times 19-30 hours

"Our team losing a paddle and Mark grabbing a stick to "paddle"

through the entire whitewater section... Missing turns during the

mountain bike sections and becoming #backtrackingpros... Getting

lost and trapping ourselves within the Manzanita bush/jungle prison

during the night trek. All of these things (really) sucked at the time,

but what fun is it to know the trails and rivers and have   everything go according to plan?

- Megan Erspamer, Team Nomads

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Get the race play-by-play from Race Director Jason Magness.

At the end, you'll also find: 

Team Bend Racing Report

Team Quest Report

Do you find yourself asking:

"Who won the race?"

"What about each leg?"

"How quick were the transitions?"

Then, look no further!

Found here:

Rad Action Shots

Team Portraits

Silly Staff Captures

Pure Epicness

Race Results

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