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elk lake endure AR 2023

race overview

Elk lake played host to one of our early area adventure races nearly a decade ago, and its natural splendor and classic Cascade terrain brings us back again and again for our team’s training.  This year’s race will mimic one of Team Bend Racing’s personal training courses and is sure to pack a punch in terms of Adventure Rac value!  Ride real singletrack, paddle pristine waters, and trek across rugged terrain.

*we are in the process of finalizing our permits for this race, registration will be up soon!

Dates: Saturday, July 22nd 

Location: Elk Lake Lodge

Disciplines with difficulty ratings:

MTB 6/10

Trek 7/10

Paddle 2/10

Navigation 3/10

Endurance 5/10

Mandatory Gear: Standard list, including paddling equipment.  Packrafts, canoes, kayaks, SUPs all ok.  Rental boats available at Elk Lake Lodge.

Estimated time for winners: 5.5 hours

Course open: 10 hours

Team Formats: 1,2,3,4 person.  3 or 4 person co-ed is premiere category for USARA rankings

Prizes: Sponsor gear TBD, Pride, Ranking points!

Entry Fee PP: $105* (includes swag, maps, post race food, jerseys, insurance etc)


* a portion of each ticket price will be going to Bend Sustainability Fund and to a non-profit listed on our impacts page.


Bend Sustainability Fund, a Visit Bend Project, invests in projects that create sustainable experiences in Bend’s community.


At Visit Bend, sustainability is based on three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Our community is dependent on all three, and it is important to find a balance between them. To have a thriving, sustainable community for residents and visitors alike, it is important that we take into consideration all three pillars.


Since the inception of the Bend Sustainability Fund in 2021, $2,290,000 has been awarded to 17 projects.


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The ones that make this possible

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