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Newsletter #2

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Expedition Oregon 2019 Competitor Newsletter #2 Please note that much of the staff will be away at GodZone from March 5-20.  So if there is a delay in reply, please be patient. March 4, 2019

In seven weeks, the first of the teams will arrive here in Central Oregon to take part in the second Expedition Oregon.  We hope your training is going well and that you are as excited as we are!

The high desert, snowy mountains, lava fields, rivers and forests are waiting.


Getting to the start of an expedition race is sometimes the hardest part, as it takes a lot of training and planning. Sometimes, injuries or life complications get in the way.  So here is to hoping that all of you make it to the start line - and if you do - we have an amazing line-up of teams, from all over the USA, Canada, Mexico, South America, and Europe.  With many of the top teams from last year returning, this will be the most competitive Adventure Racing field in the USA this year!

While we are still waiting for confirmation on a number of teams, the list below represents teams that have confirmed entry into EO 2019:

BendRacing/Canada Quest AR Bones Nyara/Montbell Norcal AR Georgia MRC/MainNerve Perpetual Motion Spotted Kiwis KoliFit Recalculating Adventure South Racing Zona 3 Untamed New England Around the Bend Rennegades Journey Racing Alpha Dental Natrokopaniet Pioneers Flying Grizzlies


Remember to book your lodging with LOGE soon to ensure availability.  You can email them via the website, or just call them.  They will get you set up!


April 21-22 (or earlier) Teams arrive at the host hotel, the LOGE at Entrada.

April 23 Tentative schedule, subject to change.

9AM - 3 PM Racer check-in, skills checks, mandatory gear checks, waivers, gear pick up, team pictures, etc.

3PM Racer meeting, course description, and maps handout

8PM Gear Drop-of

April 24

5AM Board the bus for transport to race start

8AM Race start

April 27 First teams expected at finish line.

April 28

3PM Course closes (tentative)

6PM Awards and food


Teams may be required to complete ropes, boating skills checks, and snow travel safety as these sections of the course will require real outdoor skills to navigate safely. Be prepared to demonstrate/show:

Packrafting wet exits and entries, river reading, river signals (ie; eddy out, swimmer in the water, i’m ok, etc)

Packraft repair kit

Throw bag use

Rappelling, lead climbing, lead belaying, multi-pitch logistics

Use of bothy bag, and knowledge of hypothermia indications

Navigation skills


Gear Each 4-person team must have (2) bins, (4) paddle bags, and (4) bike boxes as described below:

(2) Bins no bigger than 100 liters/27 US Gallons. These must be stackable. We suggest this bin or something like it. We can source these for you and have them waiting at check-in for $40 (for two bins). See “order gear” section below. You will see these bins at every transition area (TA).

(4) Paddle bags. These will be provided for you.  You will see these paddle bags at the start of every paddle stage and then carry them with you to the end of that stage.

(4) Bike boxes to ARWS standard size or smaller.  You will see the bike boxes at every bike TA.

Water This course is designed as an old-school expedition route and finding water will be part of the challenge. In that vein, we will NOT BE SUPPLYING water at the TAs for racers.   We will however be parntering with Hydrapak to help you carry it!

There is a lot of water on this course, and the strategy of when to fill and how much to carry will become relevant. Most TA’s are very near to a clean water source, but we suggest that teams have a good way to purify water that is fast and efficient. The “Be Free” filter has become one of our team staples. We can order these for you ($25 filter only, $50 filter with bottle)

Hydrapak will also be providing teams with a few “be free” compatible bottles free of charge, as well as some speed cups for use in the higher alpine areas where the water is safe to drink without filtering.  Smart use of these can help a team move light and fast and minimize water weight.  

Two Words - Manzanita and Lava  Shin protection is STRONGLY recommended. We will be selling compression calf sleeves with built-in honeycombed shin protection for $20. We have been using these since the zippers on our nicer Moxie Gaiters broke and have no complaints. They even have the “Bend Racing” logo on them.    Our supply is limited, as our re-order will likely not be recieved in time for the race, so we have only 30 or so pair left. These will be held according to first email orders in.  Sizes M,L,XL (eastern sizing, so go up one or two sizes). 

POLES:  We have partnered with Leki to bring racers some great pole deals Team Bend Racing has been using Leki micro folding poles for nearly 10 years at races across the world, and we love them.  So now is your chance.  We’ve convinced them to offer three different tried and true AR pole styles at special EO prices.  These will be ordered and picked up pre race, so you are sure to have what you need.  See below for the poles:

Trail RCM.  Retail $219, EO Racer $160.  A fixed length foldable carbon pole that is our favorite. At under 175 grams, you hardly notice it in the pack, and it deploys in seconds when needed.  Comes in fixed lengths from 110, 115, 120, 125,130, and 135 cm). Specify length when ordering.

Micro Vario Carbon.  Retail $199, EO racer $150.  Variable length carbon folding pole from 110-130cm. Great for use by various team member sizes.  We always carry at least one set of these to that even if someone loses there poles we have an extra to fit them. 240 grams.

Micro Vario Cor-tec TA.  Retail $140, EO racer $99.  Budget, bombproof, versatile race pole.  Variable length from 110-130cm, folds up to fit in a pack, and under 300 grams.  

All poles will come with add on big powder snow baskets (you’ll probably need them on stage 1) at no additional cost to the racers.  Just an awesome $10 gift from Leki!

Extra maps Each team will be provided with one set of waterproof maps. You can pre-order through us an additional set for $50 for waterproof or $25 for normal paper. 

How to order gear?   If you want bins, filter water bottle, shin guards, or extra maps, simply email with “Pre-race gear order for Team XXX” as the subject line. Let us know what you want. Make sure you include sizes for the shin guards (M,L or XL) and paper quality for the maps, size and type of poles, and filter or filter/bottle. Orders will be ready at check-in. You will pay then, too.


Snowshoes may now be required on additional stages, depending on snowpack in April.  

Helmets must be multi-sport rated (Kong Scarab, Petzl Meteor or Meteor III) if you are going to use them for both the climbing section, the bike, and the paddle. Otherwise, you must bring a climbing helmet, whitewater helmet, and a bike helmet.  A bike helmet will be allowed for the WW section, but it NOT recommended.  Cmon - you race AR, get a multisport helmet already.  The Petzl Meteor is identical to the old triple rated Meteor III+, except that they are no longer going through the triple certification process.

Tent/bothy bag will be required gear on stages that go over 5000ft in elevation.

Sleeping bags are required per ARWS rules -  Or a more durable survival bivy from Adventure Medical Kits.  A mylar Space blanket “bag” does not meet the minimum requirement.

Each team needs only 2 throw bags, not one per boat.

If you have any gear questions, do not hesitate to ask. 

Exciting race jersey news

As racers, the standard race bibs that we are required to wear on the outside of our race kit annoy the heck out of us.  And sometimes they make things downright dangerous.  No mountaineer would ever put a wet, frozen polyester net ON TOP of thermal clothing when they are cold in the mountains at night....

But as race directors, we know the importance of image, marketing, and having our sport taken seriously...

So we are attempting something new this year.  All racers will be issued a custom printed full zip, lightweight vest.  Ideally, these are actually pieces that you might choose to wear, so we'll feel a little less bad making you wear them.  And hopefully, they'll be work again and again when you are adventuring in the future. We can dream right?!?

Odds, Ends, and Payments

Please fill out the following form for you team so that we can confirm everyone's information pre-race.

The mandatory race jersey's will be a bit different this year, so it is best if we know your sizes.  

We also would love to know your itinerary, especially if you'd like transport from the airport on the 21st or 22nd.  

If you have not sent us your arrival and departure itinerary and you need us to transport you to and from the airport, you must do this by the end of March or you will not have a ride!

If you still owe us entry fee, please pay up! We do not want to collect large sums of money at check-in. If you do not know your final balance, please ask and we'll give it to you.  Otherwise, pay via one of the following:

Paypal (easiest) to email:   Add 3% to your final balance to cover paypal fees.

Check:  Send/make out to: Jason Magness.  Address 61445 Barleycorn Ln, Bend OR 97702

Bank Transfer Domestic and international (no SWIFT code)  

Recipient bank information:

Transit Routing Number: 314074269USAA Federal Savings Bank10750 McDermott FreewaySan Antonio, TX 78288International (with swift code):

Wire to receiving bank:SWIFT code: IRVTUS3NXXXThe Bank of New York Mellon225 Liberty StNew York, NY 10286 Credit to beneficiary bank:Account number: 8900624744USAA Federal Savings Bank10750 McDermott FreewaySan Antonio, TX 78288 For all the above methods, you will need the actual account #, name and address of the receiving account.  Please email us and we will send that information to you privately.Thank you to all of our amazing partners: Alpacka RaftCaboost KombuchaDeschutes BreweryEdelridEllsworth Bikes Entrada LodgeGear JunkieLekiLone Pine CoffeeMountain KhakisNite IzeOrganic ValleyPaleo EatsPine Mountain SportsprAnaRebound Physical TherapyRecharge SportRed Tank CiderREI BendTravel OregonUnited States Forest Service, and Visit Bend This email and more information about the race will also live in our Expedition Oregon Forum and can be accessed at any time. Expedition Oregon Forum


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  • bendracingor
    Nov 5

    There is a lot in here so please read completely! And we can't wait to see you all soon. PRE RACE LOGISTICS: Teams arriving before the 20th - we have been unable to contract a shuttle for you, as I know some of you were asking. Standard price for a taxi to Bend is about $35-40USD. Team arriving on the 21 and 22 that are expecting a ride, we have trucks coming driven by great staff! We'll be looking for you curbside (it is a tiny airport), so once you get your gear just head on out. We'll see you, you'll see us. If there are any problems, txt 541.227.3953. The LOGE Bend and Band Racing have invited chef Rudy Garcia and his bistro food truck to be onsite for the 22nd and 23rd. There are countless other options in town (2 miles along a nice bike path or via car), but as some teams will not have a car or would rather relax in the amazing LOGE environment, there will be food onsite. Prices are very reasonable, and he can cater to any food allergies. Coffee is also available in all the rooms and the office. Teams Check in schedule will be published on the 21st. Bus pick-up will be 6 AM on the 24th. Teams will need to check out (pay for outstanding balances) on the night of the 23rd (you can still sleep in your rooms). We will have a room for storage during the event. FREE CHIROPRACTIC CARE: During the main check-in day of the 23rd, Bend Racing is pleased to offer their team Chiropractor Dr. AJ Garis and massage therapist Becky Snead for complimentary treatments. Dr. AJ has been helping the team stay aligned for over 2 years, and now he and Becky want to send you off feeling good (at the start line at least) for EO!. More details to come, but he assures us that he and Becky will do there best to see everyone that wants a short session. POST RACE LOGISTICS: There will be a big party on Sunday the 28th with Bend's famous El Sancho providing all the street tacos and fried plantains you can eat. Last year we set the record for the most tacos eaten by 100 people in 2 hours...and this year the race is even longer. We expect big things. And there will be Deschutes beer and Humm Kombucha on hand too. And don't worry if you finish earlier....we'll hand you something warm and filling when you cross that finish line. We'll also be coordinating rides for those that need transport to the airport on Monday. RACE TALK: The course is vetted, most of the points are already in position. And we have some things we want you to think about as you pack. Bring kit to stay warm. The temps are currently forecasted to be highs in the upper 50's to low 60s, and lows in the mid to high 30s. And only a passing scattered shower or two. Typical high desert springtime. The mountains may be quite different. Below are some recommendations based on our time out there. Good gloves tent instead of bothy bag (or bring both and make decision based on strategy once you know more) pogies (for paddling sections). We find these way warmer than neoprene gloves. Cold hands stop working after awhile, so have a plan. trekking poles with snow baskets. Those of you that ordered poles, should have these coming with them. Warm clothes. This is not a lycra race for most of the course. Gaiters and shin guards. And maybe more snow gaiters for the first leg. Lots of good warm socks - a new pair for every leg. A few pair of shoes. The lava section might eat an entire pair on it's own. Chalk bag (if you are not a super confident climber) Drysuit (if you can). Wetsuits are allowed, but if you are on the fence, I promise you will be happier with a drysuit. We've tested these and they are good value for packrafting. Packs that can carry a lot. At some point you will be carrying: tent, sleeping bags, packrafts, paddles, PFDs, drysuit, food, helmet, and whatever else you have. We LOVE DCF packs (dyneema composite fabric) like Hyperlite Mountain Gear or Z-packs. Game-changers. But pricey. Teamwork Confidence Sense of Adventure Expectation of proficiency: Just a quick word on our expedition adventure racing philosophy. Rely on your team, and your own skills. There is no way for us to guarantee your safety, as an inherent part of this sport is self reliance. If a route choice seems too dangerous - take another. If a rapid seems to hard, portage. Nothing is mandatory. Except honest self-assessment and teamwork. Those are the cornerstones of this sport. Take care of each other. Our job is to get you out as quickly as possible if you hit the SOS button. Your job is to work together with your team so you never hit that SOS button. Our job is to put together a challenging and memorable course that will test some of the world's best adventure racing teams, and still give most teams a chance to experience an amazing expedition. Your job is to be accept those challenges as best you can. Medical help: In the spirit of the above, we want to make clear that our medical staff are not here to make your race faster or more pleasant. They are here to help you in the case of serious medical need. And to be clear - blisters or macerated feet are not medical emergencies. The expectation will be for teams to take care of themselves - especially the normal "wear and tear" of AR. Ask for advice, or consultation. But do not expect walk battered into a TA, lay on a medical cot and sleep while the medic fixes your feet. But if you suffer any traumatic injuries, please do not hesitate to seek our medical staff when available. Race Bins, bags and boxes: In addition to the gear storage listed in newsletter #2, teams will be allowed a Snowshoe bag (big enough for all 4 pair of snowshoes), and a climbing bag (big enough for all climbing gear). RACE FORMAT: EO will run a point-to-point race with a few notable unique rules as follows Short course will be self selected, in order for teams to not miss the various technical cut-offs in the event. Teams will have many opportunities to move themselves ahead (all human powered) to control their overall pace and make it to the finish in time. There will be three types of checkpoints: Mandatory points. If you miss one of these, your team goes to unranked, but can continue the journey. PRO points. These are optional. They count the same in the final checkpoint tally (for ranking purposes) as mandatory points. Usually PRO points will take an 1-2 hours for team to get in addition to following the mandatory course. O-points. These points are also optional. They are on certain sections only. 3 O-points = 1 PRO point. If you get only 2 O-points, you do not get credit for a PRO point. O-points are cumulative throughout the race, so if you get 2 O-points in one area and 4 in another, you have a total of 6 O-points = 2 PRO points. O-points are generally clustered closer together and several can be found in an hour or two with good navigation. That said, the course is designed with the expectation that top 5 (maybe more) teams will clear the entire course in the time allotted and will be ranked based on time. RACER ETTIQUETTE: We expect all racers to be kind and courteous to each other, (help each other if a team is in need), yield to other recreational users, and be good stewards for our sport. Be nice, make friends, race hard, play fair. The course is looking great with so much snow melting over the last 2 weeks. Things are looking fast on much of the stages! You'll be traversing quite a range of landscapes and climates, so if things feel tough, keep going and they will change! Questions? Ask. But we'll be pretty busy for the next week. And then it is your turn See you soon. Bend Racing Oh yeah. I almost forgot. The climbing is gonna be awesome. Historical. Seriously. Not hard. Just awesome.
  • bendracingor
    3 days ago

    Boom! We are dropping some serious AR news here. Talk about firsts. Well here we go - Swimrun has become more popular in the last few years, and is currently making it's second showing in an ARWS race right now at Expedition Guarani in Paraguay. We like new things. And truth be told - the massive snowpack this year has left us with some interesting course challenges. But instead of fighting it, we'll embrace it. It is now required that all teams bring fat bikes, or at least modify their existing Mountain Bikes to have minimum 4" tires. Most carbon 29" frames can fit a 26"x4" set-up, and carbon can easily be sanded out to make that fork a little wider without losing too much strength in the fork. It will be a bit more a challenge to fit them into the ARWS bike boxes and keep them under the 50lb limit, but AR is all about problem solving. Also, since the first paddle leg is still completely covered in snow and ice, teams will be allowed to trek or swim (under the ice) to make progress until the water opens up in the river systems. A drysuit or scuba wetsuit is required to stay warm. Scuba tanks are allowed, and at the minimum a snorkel is required. Racers will be breaking some amazing boundaries in human potential to even survive the first three stages of the event. Hats off to all those who try. Finally we recommend that you all make sure you are practicing the Wim Hoff techniques. Enjoy the first day of April! And click here for a course secret.
  • bendracingor
    4 days ago

    I have created your discount code for the race as "expeditionoregonrace2019". This is a 15% discount on any  packrafts, and racers can benefit from the 10% paddle discount when a paddle is purchased with the packraft. We ask that all of your racers use this code at our online checkout to place their order. Alpacka does not have the customer service volume to take every individual order over the phone. Of course, if any racers have questions or need help placing their order they should absolutely call in for help. The new RACE GNU two person boat is not yet officially released (Team BendRacing/Canada used a prototype of them last year in EO), but they are available for order with this discount. For those you must call in and ask. Please include your team name in the customer notes section at checkout. FINAL ORDER DATE is FEB 28. NO EXCEPTIONS Molly at Alpacka can help if you have any questions.

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