24-hour Coffee (mocha, latte, B&T) pack

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Yep - product development has gone well. Due to a high volume of requests, (and our own love of coffee) we've ramped up a small batch production of three caffeinated iterations of 4 hour fuel. We have a mocha (75mg per hour), Latte (25mg/hour) and a black and tan (50mg/hour). All three are have a the addition of Laird's Superfood MCTs and Aquamin which ups the fat content and helps with slowing overall caffeine absorption, and reduces lactate buildup. In the scope of an expedition race this is how we use it:

  • Night 1 (we skip sleep): Use 4 hours of the Mocha (strongest)
  • Next morning use 4-hour latte (lightest) (maybe a small dose of Ibu too)
  • Night 2: half (2 hours) of a Black and Tan as we move into the witching hour, stop taking 2-3 hours before planned sleep. Morning of next day we finish the second half of the bottle as we wake up.
  • Day 3 night/Day 4 morning (repeat as above).
  • Moving toward the finish we use the final light dose (latte) bag or strong dose bag (mocha) as necessary. Often time we'll use them on both over the course of our final push through that last night to the finish line.

Expedition adventure racing is brutal. Yep. We know.

Final NOTE: Due to the significant cost of some of these more premium ingredients, we may not be able to keep this price point for too long. So if you like coffee, doing super long endurance thingies, and want to try 4-hour fuel....do it now!

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