Andy's Choice 24-hour pack

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Andy Magness (Jason's twin) was the first among us to realize that food choices take time. He once did a entire expedition on "lollies" (basically gummy candies mix from the grocery store). We've evolved in our nutrition since then, but personally I still feel that way. Fuel is fuel, and lately I've been using whatever 4-hour fuel bag is left over after filling orders. So the fastest way to get 4-hour fuel (regardless of particular flavor stock levels) is to take whatever is left. We guarantee you'll get 24 hour worth of fuel packs, probably in 4-hour bags (but maybe some off sizes that will be labeled with hours). You might get some new prototype flavors, Private Reserve superfood batches, or all one flavor. But as Andy would say - "flavor is just one more choice that can get in the way of me and the finish line".

Choose to fuel because you choose to finish. Not much else matters. Chocolate? Mango? Banana? Mocha? It will all get you there.

The only choice we give you on this order wether you are ok with the possibility of caffeine in your fuel or not.

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