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We love Banana and Mango, but we also LOVE new flavors. Fruit wise, we are experimenting with a Lemonade, Horchata, Coconut, Spicy Lemonade, etc. We've recently done Raspberry Caffeine, banana chocolate, mega mocha, and I am about to do some margarita (with extra sodium for those HOT days!).

Our favorite savory flavors include "Tomato", Chicken Soup", "Pho" and "miso miso". So if you order this pack, you'll get access to building a 24 hour pack with a combination of stock flavors (banana, mango or cherry), and a few other flavors! You'll automatically get at 2-4 stock flavors, and then you'll be guaranteed some exciting samples of what is tn the cutting edge of our designs! This is kinda like "Andy's Choice, but you'll be guaranteed a good mix of tried and tested flavors and some of the boldest new experimental superfood mixes.

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