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Running On Om: Jason and Chelsey Magness on Discovering Joy and Challenge in Adventure Racing and Sl

“The worst it gets in adventure racing, those are the memories that stand out and they’re all good. That’s the coolest thing— when you are having them, you hate them, it’s like the worst part, and then it is the story that you tell over and over again. And that is a lot of what I think life is.”

– Jason and Magness

In this episode, Jason and Chelsey Magness, professional multi-sport athletes and yoga teachers, explore the joys and challenges in adventuring racing and Slackline Yoga. Jason and Chelsey recount how they met, including the story of their fourth date, which included participating in an adventure race.They explain the logistics of adventure racing, from the members of their Team Yoga Slackers to their training regimen. Jason and Chelsey discuss their yoga journey, from Jason’s founding of Slackline Yoga to co-teaching Acroyoga workshops around the world. Lastly, Jason and Chelsey preview exciting developments and races for 2016.

Listen to the episode at http://runningonom.com/?s=chelsey+magness.

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