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Team Bend Racing/Yogaslackers Pre-Huairasinchi Race Update

The team is pumped! Tomorrow morning's 3AM bus ride to an undisclosed location marks the beginning of the Adventure Racing World Series qualifier, the Ecuadorian Huairasinchi race.

So far the team has been given minimal information but know they will face a massive 62 kilometer trek with 12,000 total elevation gain loss in rumored tough muddy conditions from recent rains. Despite preparing for the high elevation, Jason said they are already feeling the 10,000 feet Quito altitude.

As a new twist for the team, they have discovered that they will receive each leg's map in the Transition Area (TA) before the start of the section, meaning that a significant portion of the TA time will be spent grappling with maps while majorly sleep deprived.

The racers to beat are the strongest home team and local favorite, Team Movistar who, in 2014 when the Huairashinchi was Worlds, placed 3rd with Team Yogaslackers finishing 10th.

The team plans to finish the race in less than 72 hours, or else they risk the threat of being underprepared in terms of food. Luckily there are lots of tiny villages in the mountains, so they should be able to buy coke and chips nearly anywhere.

And for one last challenge—with Spanish as the official race language, the team is a bit "behind the curve" according to Jason. "But it is interesting."

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Completion Time: 61-118 hours

Trekking Distance: 112 kilometers

Biking Distance: 189 kilometers

Kayaking Distance: 15 kilometers

Team to Beat: Movistar

Last Team Bend Racing/Yogaslackers Huairasinchi Race Participation: 2014, ranking 10th when it was Worlds

Planned Finish Time: Under 72 hours


Huairasinchi Adventure Race Website: https://www.proyectoaventura.com/site/6/section/203/home

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