These are the nitty gritty details about the 2017 Solstice Multisport Challenge Adventure Race.  

Date:  June 10-11

Start time: : 5PM

Location: Mackenzie Bridge, OR

Length: 9-13 hours

Racer Update #1:

Note: we've added a "packraft clinic" for Friday before the race, that will run part of the race course!  Check the home page for more details.

Start/Finish Location:  56277 E. King Road, McKenzie Bridge, OR.   This is a private retreat center right on Horse Creek.

Race Check in: 2-3:30 PM.

Bike Staging: 3:00 onward.  You MUST check in first.  Bike stage area is 10 min away.  

Race Maps handout: 3:45

Race Meeting: 4:00

Race Start 5:00PM.

Race Cutoff: 6:00AM.

Mandatory equipment per our standard list for night races.  

Teams need 1 throw bag per 2 people!

Inflatable watercraft suitable for mild whitewater (packraft, IK, etc).  SUP or WW tube are allowed but not recommended.  We are working to get some Inflatable to rent, and will let you know, but we know several places in Bend and Eugene that rent IKs.  

Inflatable PFDs are NOT recommended.

 Note - this is only what is mandatory per insurance/safety.  You may need more to finish the race.  

Weather - historically, the temps in the area at the time of the race are in high 70s and low 40s.  You will be racing mostly at night, so bring layers.  

Course notes:


 We will be constantly monitoring the river levels between now and the race.  They look perfect.  Class II+ /III - and fast.  Mostly not technical.  Very FAST.  Most of the run is regularly boated in beginner WW courses.  You should be prepared to get wet.  Wetsuits/drysuits are a good option, or a set of dry clothes for after the water section. You WILL have access to a TA Bag (BAG1) at the end of the paddle stage.


You will also have access to a TA Bag at all Bike/Trek and Trek/Bike transitions  (BAG2).

We will be out on the course this next week, and will write another update before the end of the month.

Remember, if you are nervous - get out there and packraft some of the Mckenzie River

This race is gonna be epic!  Course is shaping up nicely!

  •  Race will start with a Class II/III- whitewater leg during daylight

  • Epic singletrack mountain biking with some serious elevation gain!

  • Interesting trekking/O-course with "PRO" points giving racers of all abilities the chance to make the most of the race clock

  • Did we mention the Downhills?  You will certainly have earned the blisteringly fast final dirt descent to the finish line

  • Breakfast Burritos, and onsite showers while you wait for the awards ceremony!

  • 1.1 Multiplier for Cascadia Series points!

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