Technical endurance challenge

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Come explore flowing single track, meandering rivers, and high desert forest as you race to collect all the checkpoints before time runs out! With semi-technical foot and bike trails and lots of  elevation gain/loss - this race packs a stout 5-hour punch.   Moderately easy navigation gives way to an optional orienteering section that includes jagged ridges, scree slopes, and climbing/rappelling checkpoints.  This race is suitable for even novice racers, although some technical ability on the bikes/foot/ropes is recommended and will likely determine the winners.  As always more difficult points will be "PRO" and optional. 

Dates: Sunday, March 20, 2020

Location: Central Oregon

Disciplines: 10+ miles mountain biking, 5+ miles trail running/trekking, lots of elevation gain, an orienteering course that includes scrambling, roped climbing and/or rappelling.  All rope sections are optional.  

Course Open: 5 Hours

Team Format: Teams of 2, 3, & 4

Prizes: every racer gets some swag at beginning. Bragging rights for winners!

Rules: TBA

Mandatory Equipment: Click here Note: no boats needed. In order to take part in the climbing sections basic climbing gear will be needed.

Entry Fee: $130 - 240


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