These are the nitty gritty details about the 2017 Spring Sting Adventure Race.  

Date:  April 15

Location: Smith Rock State Park

Length: 4-8 hours


Standard Mandatory Gear (see tab above)

Start time 9AM.  North Point Parking lot. Must buy and display parking permit (or yearly permit if you have one).   Maps available at 8:15 AM.  Pre-race meeting at 8:30.  

Update #2 (April 4)

River notes:  The river is awesome.  We are keeping our fingers crossed that is does not drop too much before the race.  What this likely means, is that there will be some class I whitewater.  Easy, but with the potential to flip unskilled boaters in eddylines etc.  No danger though.    BUT....what it does mean, is that teams should think about how they will get their bikes across the river.  It will likely be wise to use one raft  or bring an inner tube (if you have heavier boats for the actual paddle).  We will keep you informed, but right now I (5'8") would be unable to carry my bike across the river.  In past years it has been only knee deep.  Not this year unless it drops a lot.

PRO COURSE:  This will add more challenging navigation and doubles the elevation gain if you do it all.  It will also include a short section of Class III whitewater if the river stays high enough.  I just can't pass it up.  The Crooked river is one of the ultra classic whitewater sections of the Northwest, but it hardy ever runs high enough since the reservoirs were created upstream.  But right now is SO SO good.  Don't worry, it will not be long (1/4 mile max).  Will keep you up to date as it gets closer.  


Trails are in great shape, the park is beautiful, and the water is cold.  Yesterday was perfect weather - I was in shorts and a jersey the whole time....but I would be COLD in the water for any period of time.    


Update: (March 27)

Gear notes:  

We are getting a lot of questions about the paddle section.  The water in crooked river is higher than it has ever been during one of our races - but this is great!  It is slowly dropping, but currently over 2000CFS.  This means the paddle will be FAST and FUN, with smallish class 1 riffles at some points, and plenty of water to keep you from bouncing around in the rocks.   Water temps will be updated as we get closer to the race, but right now it is cold!  But the park is warming up nicely and can often be much warmer than surrounding temps if it is sunny - so our hope is that the paddle leg will feel refreshing!

Paddle requirements:  Anything that floats.  Packraft recommended.  We do have a VERY limited # of packrafts to rent.  These are listed below.  Depending on your practice, it is possible (although not necessarily recommended) to fit 2 smaller people in one boat, although you do this at your own risk.  (it is just a lot more likely to be unstable, really wet, and slower.  Although it can be faster if you practice in it.  Packrafts can be picked up starting on Thursday before the race from our house in Bend.  

Packraft list:

2 Alpacka Scouts. (4 lbs)  

2 Advanced Elements packrafts with foot pump (4 lbs),

1 Kokopelli scout with seat (6 lbs),  

1 Alpacka Curriyak (bigger scout - 5 lbs).  

1 Alpacka Yukon Self bailer (6.5 lbs)

To reserve a boat - write to with your request.  We will confirm and ask for payment via paypal.  Once you've paid we'll update this list to reflect remaining boats.  We expect boats to be returned in good shape and mostly clean or you might be charged for repair.  

We might have a few more boats become available, but this is all that is confirmed right now.  Boats are $40.  We also have a limited # of ultralight paddles available (4), and some handpaddles if that is how you want to go.   Inner tubes are also an option.  Or cheapo walmart boats, or inflatable SUPs if you want.  You will need to inflate your boat during the race, not before, so keep this in mind.  

You will need to carry your boat (and paddle gear) for about 1.5 mile total (.3 mile pre, and 1.2 mile post).  Some of the lightest boats/inner tubes/ green floaty turtles will move slower in the water but be easier to carry.  An Inflateable tandem kayak will be very very fast and stable, but at 20lbs will be a harder carry.  Keep in mind that a dry bag to keep stuff from getting soaked will make things lighter on the carry after. 

Course NOTEs:  It will be FAST course this year.  With higher water levels than normal likely in the river, and a a few pro points on the bike.  Pro points are designed to give extra challenge to the more competitive teams, and keep them racing longer.  They are not mandatory for racers to officially finish the course. Temperatures may range from 70s to the high 30s so watch for updates as we get closer to the event.  

Navigation - this race is designed to be beginner friendly, and possible to finish for first time adventure racing teams.  The navigation is not designed to be tricky, but every year we have teams get make sure you at least understand the basics of maps, contour lines, compass, and how they all work together!   The state park is full of super obvious landmarks, so even if you can't find the checkpoints fast, it is hard to get really lost.  

There will be awards following the event.  And remember this is a point race for the Cascadia Series - likely the first race that will have a multiplier applied for the depth of competitive field!  


As in all Bend Racing events, there will be special prizes for anyone completing the trek in a certain time, and the bike in a certain time.  We are working on a special prize for the paddling leg too!  

Questions - hit us up @ or on our facebook page.  

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