Central ORegon TEc

Technical endurance challenge

race overview

Come explore flowing single track, beautiful rock climbing routes and a high desert landscape as you race to collect all the checkpoints before time runs out! With semi-technical foot and bike trails and lots of  elevation gain/loss - this race packs a stout 6 hour punch.   Moderately easy navigation and beautiful vistas (as you top out on a super fun route) gives way to an optional orienteering section that includes jagged ridges, scree slopes, and climbing/rappelling checkpoints.  This race is suitable for even novice racers, although some technical ability on the bikes/foot/ropes is recommended and will likely determine the winners.  As always more difficult points will be "PRO" and optional. 

Dates: Saturday, December 4 2021

Location: Central Oregon

Disciplines: 20+ miles mountain biking, 10+ miles trail running/trekking, an orienteering course that includes scrambling, roped climbing and/or rappelling.  All rope sections are optional.  

Course Open: 6 Hours

Team Format: Teams of 2, 3, & 4

Prizes: Every racer gets some swag at beginning. Bragging rights for winners!

Rules: TBA

Mandatory Equipment: Click here Note: basic climbing gear will be needed for climbing section. And NO packrafts needed as there is NO paddling in the winter TEC races. 

Space is limited so please sign up soon! 

SPECIAL NOTE: the DEC TEC (as last year) is what we call a not for profit "club" race.  It falls under a different permit system within the grasslands and is limited to a smaller group size.  Your registration fee is used to cover the cost of your maps, insurance etc.  We also request a "donation" to our racer development fund which is used to provide partial scholarships to youth or financially challenged teams for some of our bigger events.  The actual cost of attending the event is free.  See registration page for more details.

Suggested Donation: $60 per racer


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