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update: 3/13

Temps have been warm, and morning riding conditions on the course pretty amazing.  Afternoon gets a bit sloppier for sure.  We will have the availability to go over most of the fat bike terrain with a small CAT pre-race if conditions necessitate it.  Currently - my vote would be to FB, but both are pretty fun currently.

Note: actual start location will be announced closer to the race date, to keep locals from getting too much of a leg up on traveling teams

Start location: within 30 min of downtown Bend, OR

Date: March 25

Start Time: 9:30 AM

Disciplines:  Fat bike/xc ski; snowshoe orienteering

Race is part of the CascadiARaceseries.  

Parking Note: Racers are encouraged to carpool to the start.  You will need a FS Sno-park permit ($5 for one time) displayed on your vehicle.  If you have a yearly one, just make sure it is visible.  

Conditions are variable, and we will do our best to update you on conditions the week before so that you can make decisions on weather to bike or ski.  There are MANY options for fat bike and xc ski rental in Bend.

Rentals:  Pine Mountain sports ($30), Sunnyside Sports ($40), and Hub Cyclery ($40) among others.  Bend has a lot of FB options.  

Out of town racers, we have the availability to have a limited # of bikes delivered to the start.  Let us know if this will help you!

Mandatory Gear (For this race only)


  • Passport (provided)

  • Race Maps (provided) 

  • compass (Extra recommended)

  • permanent marker/pen (extra recommended)

  • first aid kit (up to you)

  • lighter/waterproof matches

  • sunscreen

  • cell phone (charged and TURNED OFF)

  • knife

  • 2 way radio (3km/2mile range)


  • base layer top and bottom 

  • shell jacket

  • gloves

  • beanie/buff

  • space blanket

  • whistle

  • 32oz water capacity

  • snowshoes

  • xc skis/boots/poles - or - Fat bike/helmet (min 4.0 tires) 

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