4-Hour Fuel

Thanks for being part of this BETA test for our 4-hour fuel!  We debated long and hard about keeping this secret for ourselves as athletes, but the only thing that is more rewarding than being on the podium at an ultra-distance event, is helping others get to their personal podium!  Over the past three years, we've had such success with this formula and fueling paradigm.  It has been an integral part of the team's success at our wins of the Patagonian Expedition Race, Expedition Canada, Everglades Challenge, WA360 paddle race, and Chesley's Solo 24 national title.  The longer the race (or stage), and the higher output we want/need to maintain - the more crucial it has become.

Orders for the this round of beta testing will be taken thru Nov 7th, at which point all the orders will be made, packaged and shipped to you!  We've personally tested shelf life of unopened mix out to a year, so stock up for your next season's event.  We'll be asking for feedback periodically, and you can help us improve the product, messaging etc before it comes to market.