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team bend racing

America's Toughest Team

bend racing is known for Making Bold Choices, Having fun in the Harshest of conditions and inspiring new racers to enter the sport. 


Jason Magness

As the primary navigator during races, Jason has a keen ability to remain calm and focused in the midst of race chaos. He is also the co-founder of Yogaslackers, an internationally renowned yoga instructor, AcroYoga teacher, environmentalist and former physicist. He has been featured by Yoga Journal, ESPN, MS-NBC, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Wend Magazine, Rock and Ice, The Bend Bulletin, Outside Magazine, and many more. When not racing through remote regions of the world, he enjoys training clients with Chelsey as part of J&C Training, hosting adventure races, and wrestling with his two wild boys. 


Chelsey Magness

Chelsey's favorite part of racing is exploring places that very few people get to see and gaining perspective she might never see in "normal" life. Whether racing across remote icebergs, developing innovative acro sets, or balancing a thousand feet above ground on a slackline, all while chasing her wild son Max and toddler Revel Wilder, Chelsey loves to take whatever she's into that day to the next level. When not sleep deprived in the jungle, she can be found sipping a horchata latte, climbing, or enjoying Dan's BBQ.


Daniel Staudigel

Known on the team as "The Mule," Dan is a particularly skilled bushwacker, navigator, and analyst. He was drawn to adventure racing after being a student in Jason's high school physics class. His favorite part of racing is the power of having a team with a common sense of purpose; and therefore, being able to move with a speed that each teammate could never maintain individually. When not racing, Dan can be found creating digital spaces solutions as a software architect and whipping up culinary delights for the team.


Melissa Coombes

Mel became interested in adventure racing by watching eco challenge videos in college. Now a mother of two, Mel trains for races by pushing or pulling a stroller while Bryn and Clayton ride along.  Mel is currently a patent attorney and serves in the Washington State National Guard as a helicopter pilot.  She also flies a jet part-time for an energy company in the Pacific Northwest.  When she’s not racing or flying, she can be found hiking, camping, mountain biking, paddling, and doing the occasional kegstand at parties.

Alex Provost headshot.jpg

Alex Provost

Two decades ago Alex was stung hard by the AR bug at an iconic race in Canada and never looked back! Living in harsh winters in Quebec, Canada forged his love of the outdoors and tough conditions. No surprise his favorite AR discipline is bushwhacking! He's a jack of all trades that somehow seems to improve with years!?!  
Besides AR he works with "computers", runs a trail running club, loves to travel and spends as much time as possible with family and trees. 
Alex raced PER 2016 and 2018  for the big win!! 

profile pic dusty.jpg

Dusty Caseria

Dusty has a keen eye for navigation and technical route finding as well as an uncanny ability to haul teammates and gear. His AR career began in 2013 alongside his wife, Emily, and progressed to the expedition level a few years later. His happy place is in the mountains with Emily. When he's not racing, he is planning for the next adventure.


Emily Caseria

Emily started adventure racing in 2013 and was immediately hooked. Her first expedition race was in 2017 which further ignited her passion for AR. Out on an adventure somewhere in the Cascades with Dusty is where you can usually find her. An RN by profession, she is particularly good at caring for teammates whether it's medical advice that's needed, or someone to pass off a little weight to.

Lars Bukkehave Headshot.jpg

Lars Bukkehave

Lars was first introduced to the team as competition during the Abu Dhabi adventure race.  Since then, the team kept their eye on him and were super impressed when he led a team of AR novices to victory in the 2018 Expedition Oregon race.  Lars first raced with the team later that same year when he was tapped to fill Daniel's big shoes for the 2018 Patagonian Expedition Race.  The team ended at the top of the podium and Lars has been a staple on the team since.

Karine Corbeil Headshot.jpg

Karine Corbeil

For 15 years Karine was mainly focused on mountain biking believing that there was nothing more exhilarating than getting speed and taking air on two wheels. In 2016, she made a quick incursion into road bike racing and won the Canadian Masters Championships. Karine was introduced to adventure racing by Alex, where she discovered a multitude of new ways to live intensely. Since then, she had the chance to race alongside very experienced racers and to participate in some of the toughest races out there. She also learned to ride a bike without taking air especially when she is sleep deprived.


Jean- Yves (YJ) Dionne

Jean-Yves (JY) has been racing since the early 2000s and first raced against Team Bend (Yogaslackers) at the Coast raid back in 2008, in Blanc Sablon, Québec. Almost two decades later, he still has the same obsession of getting better, going faster, and digging deeper every time he’s out there. JY’s favorite field to play in is when there is no trails at all. When he’s not racing or training for a race, JY is preparing the next generation of racers by teaching his boys to never ever give up. Some say they’re catching up fast to their old man!


Lebn LoveJoy

Lebn has been friends with Jason, Chelsey and Daniel for going on ten years. They started out as circus friends, and then Lebn remodeled both of their houses, and then he started asking about adventure racing. Fast forward a few years and Lebn started dominated the BendRacing race series. Lebn is a problem solver, an excellent navigator and most of all an amazing teammate. We love having him on the team! 

Thielson.Jason.Max-39 smaller.jpg

Max King

Max has been part of the Bend Community for over 20 years, living, working, competing, recreating, and living life to its fullest. He comes from a background in professional running but loves the navigation and adventure aspect of AR Racing. After being roped into several AR races with Bend Racing he decided it was time to commit a little more time and energy to the sport and is stoked to be an official member of the Bend Racing squad. 

Max lives in Bend with his wife and two kids that he keeps dragging out the door for Central Oregon adventures. You can find more info on what he's been up to on Instagram at @maxkingor. 


Arnaud Côté Boisvert

Former ski mountaineering Canadian National team athlete Arnaud moved to a more multi sport aspect around 2018 where he focused more on trail-running and gravel biking as a medium to push himself and discover the world. He was introduce to adventure racing in his early 20's. He first raced on 12hours and multi-days stage races in the Province of Québec and eastern US. He started racing with Alex and Karine for a 24h Canadian classic called the Wilderness Traverse and has been harassing them to try an expedition race with them one day. In 2023 they finally called to ask if he would join them and Jason for the Ruta Madre 500k, he of course said yes! His main tasks in the team is to keep the spirits high and carry the heavy loads whenever he can!

Where will Team BendRacing be this year!?


*there will be other smaller races, but these are the big ones for our crew!

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