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adventure racing training

Maximize your full potential

Come learn from America's top adventure racing team

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Regardless of training time, there is no substitute for experience gained in actual race environments. And getting a "shakedown" race with your team before a big event can expose weaknesses in time to strengthen them and identify strengths in time to exploit them. But it is often difficult to find an appropriate level of race on the calendar. Wouldn't it be great if you could have world class event made just for you and your team? Let the expert course designers of Bend Racing create the perfect training ground for you and handle all of the logistics. You show up, race, and then get 2 hours of consultation at the end (after a little sleep of course!) to really look at how to step it up for your big event. 

from $1500

12-36 HOURS

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Honing the Edge

This team training module is designed for an entire (or partial) team to gain the techniques and training methods that helped Team Bend Racing make the leap from "middle of pack" to "persistent podiums". It includes both physical and mental components and is semi-customizable based on each team's unique skills, fitness and experience. Designed for racers and teams with "several to many" successful races under their belts. Teams can include up to 5 people.


3 Days

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Toughest Race

Whether you have your sights set for the World's Toughest Race: Eco Challenge Patagonia; America's Toughest Race: Expedition Oregon, or anyone of the brutal stops on the Adventure Racing World Series - this expedition race focused camp will help ensure that your team is one of the few that finish the full course. The 5 days will serve up lots of challenges as well as adequate time for reflection and integration of deeper physical and mental racing skills. Up to 5 people.


5 Days

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Virtual Team Consulting

Let's be honest - in adventure racing, fitness is important but it is not the crux of being competitive.  It is easy to train the base skills of adventure racing (mountain bike, trek, paddling), but the more important skills like adaptability, navigation, competitiveness, sleep-deprivation decision making, pacing strategies, etc only come with experience. We'll help you fast track this learning with a series of video calls and non-traditional training assignments. We'll help design team exercises to be completed between our virtual meetings. This option is appropriate for a single person or an entire team, or a captain that wants help building and understanding an effective racing squad.


6 weeks

Bend Racing Training

AR Training Camp

Whether you are new to adventure racing and want to learn the ropes or are a veteran but need to brush up on skills and want to do it with a rad group of folks, this is a training for you. Our team has over 60 years of combined adventure race experience and we love sharing our passion for this sport we have dedicated our athletic careers too. We will help you in all things adventure racing including navigation, nutrition, transitions, sleep strategies, teamwork and if needed, we will give tips on each discipline. At the end of our time together, we will put on a mock race for you and your new or old teammates to take part in and flex your new found skills! Food and Lodging is NOT included. To make this go we need at least 6 people signed up!   

$899 per person

3 days - Oct 18-20

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