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Our Impacts

As athletes, race directors, coaches and parents who recreate on the local trails, in the rivers and up in the mountains on a daily basis, we believe in investing in our community and our environment. Through donations, exposure and time, we are doing our part and are striving to increase our involvement with every year that passes. 

Bend Sustainability Fund

The Bend Sustainability Fund invests in projects that protect, steward, and create sustainable recreational resources and outdoor experiences in Bend’s backyard.

Their Motto: " Taking care of the places that take care of us by investing in what makes Bend such a special place"



COTA’s mission is to develop, protect, and enhance the Central Oregon mountain bike experience through trail stewardship, advocacy, collaboration, and education.
Through donations and hours, we strive to help them be able to build new trails and keep our existing amazing trails riding beautifully!


Beads of Courage

For Expedition Oregon- Americas Toughest Race we are partnering with Beads of Courage - A non-profit organization, which makes a huge difference in the lives of children coping with cancer and other serious illness throughout the world through their arts-in-medicine programs.  Each bead kit contains a matched bead set that you carry on your race. We believe your good energy and intentions get soaked up by these beads.  At the end of your race, you’ll return one bead at the finish line with a personally signed note of encouragement to be given to a child that receives the other bead. The other bead you keep as a symbol of your courage to care for a child. You become part of their story of strength with every bead you carry.

Beads of Courage.png

Our actions

When Jason and Chelsey first met, they went on a 1008 mile bike trip through Colorado with their good friend Sam Salwei. Together the trio (along with special guests Dan Staudigal and Tom Grundy) biked through Colorado teaching donation based AcroYoga and Slackline workshops spreading the word about YogaSlackers and Beads of Courage. All donations went directly to Beads of Courage! 

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