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Become your own legend

bend racing is the gateway to the most rewarding adventure races in the pacific northwest!

Registration instructions:  For adventure racers, buy the # of tickets per people on your team.  SwimRun tickets are either solo, or for a team of 2.  Family race tickets are either for a pair, or a team of 3 or more. And are you looking for a sweet place to stay in Bend? Get 20% off at the new Best Western in town by going to this link

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April 20,2024

Technical Endurance Challenge is BACK!! Brush off the off winter cobwebs and come test out your skills on this fun and challenging 8 hr course here in Central OR. Sign up now!

SunRiver Scramble

May 25 2024

A 6 hour Adventure Race one day and a Swim Run Race the next! Sign up for one or both to make it a fun filled weekend! 

Queen of Diamonds

July 27, 2024

This 8 hour AR will be one NOT to miss. The beauty of the Diamond Lake and the surrounding beauty is one of the reasons why we live here. Come play!

Expedition Oregon

Sept 6-14, 2024

Edition 5:

The Mighty Gorge.

America's Toughest Race returns in 2024 with a course so grand it burst out of Oregon.

La Pine Family Race

Oct 6, 2024

Oregon's Toughest Little race for the whole family! Come out and find checkpoints, treats and more with your family in this very fun and approachable race filled with adventure!

Family/ Kids AR

April 21, 2024

Come out for a fun "race" with your kids or have your 12 and over kids form a team of their own! Max 4 hours with a rolling start and lots of fun CP's! 

USARA Qualifier

June 29-30, 2024

This is a USARA Regional qualifier! Come experience the beauty of the Mt St Helens in WA in this 18- hour course.

Diamond Family/Kids AR

July 28, 2024

Much like our other kids AR races, this one will be 3-4 hours and it will be a soft rolling start. Expect fun challenges, beautiful scenery and geo cashes!

La Pine Loop

Oct 5, 2024

Oregon's Toughest Little - 6th edition. Two weeks earlier = Warmer! This year there will be 2 concurrent races: the "Classic", and the no-paddling "Drierr". 


Find race results and photos to relive your glory!


We put on the best races in north America and need the best team to support each one. Will you be a part of something big?

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