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Andy's Choice

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Andy Magness may be the ultimate dirtbag hard-man adventurer. Known to do huge expeditions with nothing but a bag of "lollies" (New Zealand assorted candies) - Andy had a unique philosophy on endurance nutrition. Basically he decided somewhere along the line that choice suck. Choices take time and distract you from doing what you are there to do - namely move forward relentlessly. And food choices are even worse....taking emotional energy thinking about what food to each in each given moment.

To Andy, calories in was all that mattered, and the simpler the better. So in his spirit we offer "Andy's choice". Cause really if you'll be guaranteed a perfectly designed fuel, who really cares what flavor it is.

All Andy would care about is "how long am I going, how much fuel do i need."

Oh, and true to dirtbag concerns - you'll also save some dough.

So pick your desired # of hours (in 12 hr increments) and we'll hook you up. Might be all the same flavor, might be in big bags or small bags. Might be flavors we are testing or secret flavors that are normally only for the team. Who knows..but it will all be 4 hour who cares. Andy doesn't - that's for sure.

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