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"Four Hour Family" Membership

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Wanna be part of the next growth phase of this tiny powerful product? We thought so. Join us. This is not a speculative investment - but a unique way to help us raise the capital to take a little step toward bigger and more sustainable production and packaging.

$500 membership includes

  • 10 bags of product (This is the NEW big bags with 12 hours worth in each bag - so the same as 30 of the old bags!). Production flavors will be Lemonade, Berry, Banana Chocolate, and test lab (see below). Delivery estimated late summer.
  • Free shipping for life on all future orders (including the initial product above!).
  • Exclusive 4HF logo-ed gear (including race shirt, jacket/vest, and more TBD). Help spread the word when you are out racing and training.
  • Exclusive 4HF water bottle with shaker
  • Access to the semi-annual Test Kitchen.Twice a year we’ll open our test kitchen to produce batches of new or old favorites that are not part of our normal production.Soup, Latte, Mocha, Coconut Superfood, Mango, Raspberry Caffeine, Spicy Ramen, Chicken Pho, Blueberry, the list goes on. We’ll talk to the family (you) to decide the few flavors we make and you’ll get first dibs on ordering these limited edition flavors.
  • 1-year membership to (best orienteering training site ever)
  • First notice of any future investing opportunities. Once we outgrow this phase, we'll likely be looking for a few investors to become shareholders in this company to help it expand to its potential. Four Hour Family members will be first in-line. No pressure at all. We've just had several people ask but want to grow well within our means.

Transparency - we are in the infant stages of growing this small company beyond our local kitchen/garage and are looking forward to bringing along some of our most visionary customers who have been as awed by this product as we ourselves have. Like many products in the high performance nutrition space, 4HF was born out of necessity, vision, research, and a lot of trial and error. We are excited to spread the word to more endurance athletes who are testing themselves (like you) with longer events where both simplicity and great nutrition can go hand in hand to give greater results.

At this point the company is still nimble and looking forward to using these membership $ to help fund our first larger scale production run of 3000 3-serving bags, and production in a larger local community run Co-packing facility.This will allow us to mix and package product at a much higher rate than currently - which is about 90 servings in a day.(And we can only usually do that once a week or so!)

So if you’ve ever wanted to be part of something at the very beginning - and you believe in our product - we invite you to become part of the family.

The product has a long shelf life, so even if you only use it racing, those 10 bags can keep you supplied for a while. If you are anything like is, those 10 bags might last you 2 expedition race (less if you share with your teammates!).

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