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Bend Racing Partners with Angelinas Organic Skin Care!

Bend Racing has long been a HUGE fan of AOS Skincare's Skin Doctor. For over a decade we have been using it and working with them. We first met through a mutual friend who said you all are on your feet and hands ALOT, try this. At first try, we were in love and still are. We are so excited to announce this partnership- it is one that is steeped in friendship, respect and trust. We are excited to be racing as Team BendRacing/SkinDoctor this year, to continue deepening our relationship and to see where this takes all of us. Thank you Angelina and team. We are grateful and honored to be here with you.

To try our favorite "suffer salve" - click here and use the code BendRacing to get % off and help our team at the same time. WIN WIN!

Read the full press release below:

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Bend Racing partners with Angelina’s Organic Skin Care Partnership gives “America’s Toughest Team” support to compete and thrive in the longest and harshest events on the planet.

Bend, Oregon, Jan 27 2023. Team Bend Racing (TBR) and Angelina’s Organic Skin Care (AOS) announced today that the companies have entered into an exciting title sponsorship partnership that will significantly support the athletes on the team’s essential need for "skin durability” through the use of the SkinDoctor product. TBR athletes will help educate other endurance and adventure athletes on the flagship SkinDoctor product as well as helping to test and develop future iterations of the SkinDoctor line. AOS’s support of the team is integral, making it possible for Team Bend Racing to compete in 12 multi-day ultra-endurance adventure events and record attempts internationally and across the USA - including New Zealand, Africa, Canada, Japan, Faroe Islands, and Australia. “We’ve been completely reliant on SkinDoctor for nearly a decade,” said team captain Jason Magness. “It has been instrumental in our team’s successes, including a world championship, world record, multiple first ascents, and 20 podiums at expedition races around the globe.” Amateur and professional athletes will see deeper integration of the product into Bend Racing events, coaching, and education efforts as well. “I’ve always believed SkinDoctor to be one of (if not the) finest products that I’ve ever created,” said AOS founder Angelina Swanson. “I initially developed it for rock climbers, but always thought it would be magic for so many other skin issues, and it has been so exciting for it to be this impactful for incredible endurance athletes. We hand make it in Bend, Oregon but are ready to be discovered by a wider audience!” AOS will be working to add international ordering capabilities this year, allowing for greater global distribution of the SkinDoctor product in coordination with TBR’s marketing and education initiatives abroad.

About Team Bend Racing Team Bend Racing (formerly Team YogaSlackers) was formed in 2003 and is a group of adventure athletes that specialize in multi-sport, multi-day, ultra-endurance team events around the world. They are an eclectic group which includes world champions, world record holders, first ascensionists, acrobats, coaches, and parents. They also create and host events in Oregon and Washington, including the iconic Expedition Oregon: America’s Toughest Race. They are currently ranked 7th in the world. The core of the team lives in Bend, Oregon. Full 2023 schedule available on website.

Media Contact: Chelsey Magness Media manager


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