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Bend Racing & Team BendRacing/Skin Doctor partners with Iconic adventure brands for 2023

For the past two decades, adventurer Jason Magness has pursued the niche sport of adventure racing - both as an athlete and as an event director. And in those 20 years he’s grown tremendously as both. “Adventure Racing is so unique in the way it requires teamwork, endurance, critical thinking, a wide variety of technical skills, mental toughness and extreme adaptability. It is also unique in that it requires a lot of gear, like capital A LOT! “And I’ll admit” he adds, “it is also very expensive when you add up all the financial, physical and emotional costs. But somehow it is so rewarding to me.”

Jason has led team Bend Racing/Skindoctor (formerly YogaSlackers) from the start with teammates Daniel Staudigel and his wife Chelsey Magness. Over the years they’ve collected an amazing roster of athletes around them and are currently ranked in the top 10 in the world.

“Its always been a goal of mine to be able to support our team athletes as much as possible, and this year I am so excited to announce the brands that are vital to making our race and event season a success.” Any racer or event director knows how much behind the scenes support it takes from their families and partners/friends to make these sorts of dreams a reality. Bend Racing/SkinDoctor has its biggest season planned (both as racers and race directors) so we’d like to offer a huge “thank you” to those who are helping make this possible. See below for the list of our sponsors/partners and some discount codes in case you are keen on trying some of our favorite gear!

Visit Bend: Both our company and our team are so proud to be able to represent Bend, a town we all deeply love to recreate in and give back to. We love this community and all the places where we train and put on races. We all strive to be the best citizens by having a % of each of our race entries go to the Bend Sustainability Fund and we love to talk about how amazing Bend and it’s people are when we travel and race.

AOS Skindoctor: If there is a magic balm for outdoor adventures - this is it. Skindoctor is handmade in Bend, Oregon but has been tested in the harshest conditions around the world. It’s been crucial for reaching the finish line on many occasions. SkinDoctor has stepped up to become the our co-title sponsor for 2023. Use the code BendRacing and this link to get a special discount off of your first purchase!

USWE: USWE packs Sweden based company who is now in Bend as well, make the most comfortable packs for adventure racing and other endurance sports. We are excited to have them on board with us this year as we spend a lot of our time with packs on and we need them light, comfortable and efficient. USWE checks all of those boxes and are excited to make them even better. Code coming soon!

Micro Rafting Systems: We are long time packrafters and have been racing with them before they were even a mandatory gear item! Over the years it has been fun to see them become more apart of races. Here in Central Oregon we are blessed with heaps of amazing rivers that we use in our races and train on. We are so excited to use MRS this year and to share the love with demo boats and codes at our races. Use BENDRACING2023 to get 10% off!

Fenix Lighting: When it comes to lighting up the dark nights, Fenix has us covered night after night after night. Their lights are the lightest, most durable and easiest to use. We have been testing and using their lights for over a decade now in the harshest environments and we have not been let down yet. Use the code: BendRacing and get yourself a bright and dependable light today!

Kahtoola: After too many failed gaiters, we were so excited a few years back to learn that Kahtoola, our favorite ultra light crampon and micro spike company were making gaiters! It showed that they had been putting in the testing and the time as, after one Patagonian Expedition Race, we were sold. And what we love even more about them is how down to earth and open to feedback they are. % code coming soon, watch our social channels!

Shimano: Most of our teams favorite discipline is mountain biking. And when it comes to Adventure Race style mountain biking where we are usually going through a ton of mud and even snow, we need components that can keep up with our heavy usage. Enter Shimano. The most durable, lightest and innovative components out there. Many companies have two of these but very few check all of the boxes we need.

Leki Poles: Trekking poles are an absolute must for adventure racing. Adventure racing is all about going up and down, especially when we are trekking. Leki Poles save our knees and help us stay healthy and comfortable. They are light, durable (have you noticed a theme in the kind of gear we like?!) and are very fast at breaking down for when we don’t need them any more. Adventure racer or not, if you hike, they are on the top of our recommended gear list.

Mission Farms CBD: “Feel Better” is there motto and that is exactly how we feel after we use their products. Grown and made right here in Central Oregon but tested by us all over the world. Their gels, oils and gummies help us recover faster, keep inflammation down and sleep better. We don’t leave the house with out it! Use BendRacing40 and get 40% off!

Hydrapak: Hydrating and being able to filter water FAST all over the world is a huge factor in being successful in adventure racing. Every minute counts, so when we could just fill a bottle as we are walking by a stream and not worry about treating it, our efficiency as a team went up big time. Their bladders, soft flasks and now filters are what we use on a daily basis both in training and in racing and we are so grateful! Use Chelsey to get 10% off today!

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