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Throwback Thursday (Dec 8, 2022) - Ragtime Winter Circus

Winter is here in the Pacific Northwest, and as always we are shifting gears. Waxing the skis, embracing the suck of training inside more, and getting some solid time curled up by the woodstove. These days our primary focus is endurance racing and climbing, and luckily the climbing gym is less than a mile from our doorstep - and research verifies that time spent in the “E-Cave” (endurance cave) tracking our metrics is time well spent. And we still get outside enough to keep us sane.

But a decade or so ago, it was not so easy to winter. We were at the height of our somewhat prolific high-lining development phase - a period where we established nearly 20 new lines in one year. For those that aren’t sure what that last sentence means - basically we were modern day tightrope walkers - plying our trade across the crags, spires, sinkholes and canyons of Central Oregon. But walking a line barefoot was never fun once the temps dropped.

We had a great crew (we seem to be lucky in that sense, always surrounded by inspired and talented peers!) and a few times we got really motivated despite the frigid conditions.

And well, the video captures the total joy of that day.

We hope that you find joy in your winter training - whatever it looks like.

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