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we must truly love and use their products.


Sportswear sponsor 

As a team we love wearing and using products that feel good and that are making changes to give back to the environment and communities where we love to play. Columbia Outerwear is the perfect match for Americas Toughest Team. Not only is their slogan #testedtough, but they are from the PNW and make products that hold up to all our hardcore use!

Love their OUtDry Technology!


Mission farms

recovery sponsor 

Founded in Bend, Oregon in Mission farms creates sustainable health products from the hemp plant.  The CBD oils and muscle salves are essential for helping us stay relaxed and recover well so that we can continually perform during our training sessions and events.  Favorites - the muscle gel and CBD oil tincture.



Alpacka Rafts

gear sponsor 

The only name in packrafts as far as we are concerned.  Alpacka has been setting the standard since they invented the category many years ago.  As Jason says, "if you are racing in a boat other than Alpacka - you aren't really racing...."

Best Packrafts in Business

Logo - With Border_ Boat.png


recovery sponsor 

Rebound Physical Therapy has been at the forefront of orthopedic physical therapy, spine care, hand therapy and sports medicine in Bend & Central Oregon since 1995. They help us take care of our bodies... and also let us play in their facility!

if you go, tell them we sent you! 



recovery sponsor 

Recharge is an innovative athletic recovery lounge offering sports massage, bodywork, an Olympic style training facility, acupuncture, and more. It's our first stop after races!

If you go, Tell them we sent you!


Adventure Eats

Food sponsor 

Being able to eat yummy wholesome and nutritious meals in the middle of expedition races fuels our bodies and reinvigorates our spirits like no other. Adventure Eats is made right here in Bend, Oregon by awesome fellow adventurers with amazing ingredients. We love knowing where our food comes from and as an added bonus, our kids love it too!



Discover Chiropractic

recovery sponsor 

Dr. AJ and his team have been working on us since 2016. Dr. AJ has an amazing eye for the whole body. Every time we leave his office, we feel a little more put together! They come out to America's Toughest Race and always offer discounts to our racers.

if you go tell them we sent you!


Shimano MTn Bike

Bike Sponsor

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BEst Components! 


Picky Bars 

Bar Partner

"Picky bars are delicious and easy on my stomach, which is a tricky combination to solve while riding/ racing, actually. Sometimes, nerves and the monotony of food is hard to deal with, so good snacks are important to keep me fueled and even boost morale:). I wholeheartedly value what the founders have done with their experience as pro athletes, testing everything and creating food for performance needs."

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Nite IZe 

Gear Sponsor

In adventure racing and everyday life with kids, we use Nite Ize every single day. From gear ties that have fixed our bikes and backpacks in a pinch to using their lights to light up our bikes on night rides to keeping our kids and dogs entertained on all of our family missions. We love their products and we love sharing them at all our races! 

Awesome GEaR For AR and Family!!!



Skincare sponsor 

We are so incredibly happy to be apart of the Amavara family. Their sunscreens are the best we have ever tried. Not only does it work in all elements, but it also works to protect the environment by using reef safe ingredients that doesn’t harm where we love to play.



Bronwen Jewelry


Bronwen has been sponsoring Chelsey for many years now. Chelsey never races a race without her “Spirit” necklace. We love giving her active ready necklaces, bracelets and earrings away at our races.

uSE PROMO CODE Chelsey10



River sponsor 

Staying alive in adverse elements is what Kokatat is all about.  We've lost count of the number of times that their exceptional drysuits and PFDs have helped us stay alive.  No exaggeration.  From swimming glacier lakes in Patagonia to swimming class IV rivers in Ecuador.  We're still here.  And we are still depending on Kokatat.

best Drysuits and PFDS


Salt Stick

hydration sponsor 

Hands down the best electrolyte product we have ever used. Taking in enough salt during hot and hard trainings and races is key to being able to keep going. As endurance racers who race around the world testing ourselves physically and emotionally, we know salt is key.

uSE PROMO Toughest21 


Laird SuperFood

Nutrition sponsor 

Delicious and easy to use nutrition is key for keeping fueled for our everyday training. Lairds Superfood checks all of our boxes for what we need and love. Non diary nutritious creamer for our coffees and smoothies, coconut water for our rides and plant based protein for post mission recovery. 

Favorite Creamers and Protein Powder!


Best AR Sunglasses

EyeWear sponsor 

Amazing Eyewear that fits great underneath a helmet and can transition in any weather. WE love them for all sports! 

BEst Sunglasses and goggles


Best Gaiters

Gear Sponsor

We are extra hard on our gear, especially gaiters. After years of testing multiple brands, we finally found our dream pair- the InstaGaiters from Kahtoola!

Best Gaiters!


Best Helmets

Safety sponsor 

We care about our noggins.... ALOT. And Lazer helmets are the safest helmets on the planet. We are beyond excited to be working with them!

Best Helmets around


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