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La Pine Loop 2024

Warmer Temps, Faster River, more excitement

race overview

The La Pine Loop is Bend Racing’s (and Oregon’s) longest running adventure race.  This event has sold out the past few years, and is a perfect “season finale”. We’ve moved the race up by a few weeks this year to ensure warmer race temps and higher river flows. There were scheduled to be two course options this year:

“Classic” - which includes a beautiful river paddle (higher water than earlier years too!) This course will be eligible for USARA ranking points.

“Drierr” - NO LONGER AN OPTION!  (since almost everyone signed up for classic so we'll take that as a sign that people are excited for the river and warmer temps and want a true adventure!) 

Make a weekend out of it and enter the family race on the 7th! 

Affiliation: USARA ranking race

Disciplines with difficulty ratings:

MTB: 2/10

Trek: 3/10

Ropes: 3/10 

Paddle: 4/10

Navigation: 4/10

Endurance: 3/10

Mandatory Gear: Standard, including ropes gear (ropes optional) and paddle gear (unless doing the “Drier” option.  No headlamps required.

Estimated time for winners: 4 hours

Course open: 7 hours

Team Formats: 1,2,3,4 person.  3 or 4 person co-ed is premiere category for USARA rankings

Prizes: Sponsor gear


Entry Fee PP: $80 (includes maps, racer swag, post race food and an AMAZING course!)




* a portion of each ticket price will be going to Bend Sustainability Fund and to a non-profit listed on our impacts page.

Bend Sustainability Fund, a Visit Bend Project, invests in projects that create sustainable experiences in Bend’s community.

At Visit Bend, sustainability is based on three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Our community is dependent on all three, and it is important to find a balance between them. To have a thriving, sustainable community for residents and visitors alike, it is important that we take into consideration all three pillars.

Since the inception of the Bend Sustainability Fund in 2021, $2,290,000 has been awarded to 17 projects.

* Another portion will be going to Beads of Courage and COTA - Central Oregon Trail Alliance

please see here for all info on these amazing humans and nonprofits!


The ones that make this possible

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