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7 Tips for Raising an Outdoorsy Kid

1. Start with Adventure Racing

- Introduce your kids to adventure racing, a fun outdoor activity that combines various challenges.

- Modify the experience to suit their comfort level, eliminating overly challenging aspects.

- Offer enticing incentives like hot chocolate and gummy bears to make it enjoyable.

2. Let Them Decide

- Don't force outdoor activities on your kids; instead, expose them to different options and let them choose what interests them.

- Show them the possibilities and let them make their own decisions.

3. Be Patient and Observe

- Raising outdoorsy kids takes time and observation.

- Allow your children to develop their own preferences and interests at their own pace.

- Avoid pushing them into activities they are not ready for.

4. Bribe Occasionally

- Sometimes a little encouragement goes a long way.

- Use occasional incentives to motivate your kids to participate in outdoor activities.

- It's important to strike a balance between encouraging and respecting their choices.

5. Embrace Individuality

- Understand that each child has unique preferences and talents.

- Don't limit their options to a specific activity or sport.

- Support their choices, even if it's something unexpected like running or cross country.

6. Lead by Example

- Show your kids your own passion for outdoor activities.

- Engage in outdoor pursuits yourself and have fun while doing it.

- Seeing your enthusiasm will inspire them to explore and try new things.

7. Celebrate Achievements

- Recognize and celebrate your child's accomplishments in outdoor activities.

- Encourage them to take on challenges and push their boundaries.

- Witnessing their own success will boost their confidence and motivate them to take on more.

Raising an outdoorsy kid requires patience, flexibility, and a supportive environment. By providing exposure to various outdoor activities, letting them choose their interests, and leading by example, you can inspire a love for nature and adventure in your children. Remember to celebrate their achievements and enjoy the journey together as a family. If you're seeking opportunities for your kids to participate in outdoor events, consider checking out organizations like Bend Racing and BendEnduranceAcademy for exciting programs and events tailored for youth and check out BendRacing’s upcoming Adventure Racing Kids Camp!

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