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elk lake swimrun 2023

Choose between a 2-person (all male, all female, coed), or solo (short course only) 

race overview

RACE UPDATE:  Permitting and conflicting event issues have forced us to make some changes.  The course as we imagined is not possible with the other events in the area and we feel that it would be impossible to hold an event of the scope and quality we desire on the July date.  As such, we are postponing the official event to September where our vision can be met.  Future editions of the event will also take place in Sept/Oct moving forward.   But we are still holding a FREE "Test event" on the July 23 dates.  To register for either event, use the registration link below.


All registered participants will be notified of their options, and we'll reopen the registration very soon for the September date once we have permits in-hand!  Even if the event is small due to this change, we'd rather set a quality and amazing course and grow from there as the compromises we'd have had to make would have impacted the experience for the racers.  In short, we want all the racers to be blown away!

Swimming across crystal clear alpine waters and running across rugged lava landscapes in the shadow of the mighty Cascade Mountains - there is no better way to beat the summer heat!  Join is for Oregon’s second ever SwimRun, and “jump” into this amazing sport.  Choose either the short or long course. The short course is easy enough for nearly any recreational athlete to finish and a great option for your first ever swimrun. But long course is a doozy for the serious endurance junkie!   Pick your challenge.  Better still, make a weekend out of it and do both the Adventure Race and swim run!  The Elk Lake short course is 5 swims, 6 runs. Longest run about 3km, longest swim about 650m. The Long course has 10 runs, 9 swims with the longest run being 6km, longest swim about 850m. Short version 6k run, 2k swim. Long version 18k run, 4.5k swim

** we are currently finalizing our permits for this race. Registration should be up soon!

Date: July 23 (Course test event), Sept 23 (REAL EVENT!)

Location: Elk Lake Lodge, near Bend, OR

Disciplines with difficulty ratings:

Running: 2/10 (short), 7/10 (long)

Swim: 3/10 (short), 7/10 (long)

Navigation 1/10 (both)

Endurance 2/10 (short), 9/10 (long)

Mandatory Gear: Wetsuit, whistle, safety swim buoy (solo only).  More info on basic swimrun gear here:

Estimated time for winners: 1 hour (short), 3 hours long

Course open: 4 hours short, 6 hours long

Team Formats: 2-person (all male, all female, coed), solo (short course only)

Prizes: Sponsor TBD

Entry Fee PP: $145* short course team, $230* Long course team, $85* short course solo (includes racer swag, aid stations, awesome event!)


Video: (our friends in Washington put on a great swimrun.  Check out what it is like!

Thanks to our friends at Blue Seventy, you can get 20% off anything on their website by using "BendRacing"


* a portion of each ticket price will be going to Bend Sustainability Fund and to a non-profit listed on our impacts page.


Bend Sustainability Fund, a Visit Bend Project, invests in projects that create sustainable experiences in Bend’s community.


At Visit Bend, sustainability is based on three pillars: economic, environmental, and social. Our community is dependent on all three, and it is important to find a balance between them. To have a thriving, sustainable community for residents and visitors alike, it is important that we take into consideration all three pillars.


Since the inception of the Bend Sustainability Fund in 2021, $2,290,000 has been awarded to 17 projects.

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