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La Pine Loop 2022

Choose between a 9 hour and a 5 hour course

race overview

Our iconic 6 hour course has been drawing people of all abilities to it for many years.  The La Pine State Park is a race directors dream. Complete with two rivers, a waterfall, lots of meandering trails and fun off trail running, this course has something for everyone. Wether you are a veteran to the sport, have just fallen into it or are somewhere in the middle,  this course is the perfect place for you and your team. This year there are 2 race options:

  • The 9-hour "Beyond the Loop" event that will for the first time be able to leave the park and enjoy some more elevation, extra rugged terrain, and a longer paddle, bike and foot sections.  This will be a USARA qualifier for 2023!  Everything you've come to expect from the Lapine Loop, and more!

  • The 5 hour "Little Loop".  This will be a race that is just a bit more "finishable" for beginner teams than our past iterations - mostly because it will not have a paddling section.  We know sourcing packrafts for a short race can be a pain, so this time you can skip it!  You'll still get wet, muddy, and have a full value adventure.  This will be a GREAT race for newcomers too!   

Both races will share many checkpoints, and be racing on the course at the same time, with the "Beyond" course starting earlier, but both courses finishing at the same time!  And we promise it will be at least 60 degrees!  (fingers crossed).


Come get a little taste of what  BendRacing races are like and then stay a while and enjoy what Bend and Central Oregon have to offer! Expect mud, cold water, sweet singletrack, etc as you race against the clock in the most "Full Value" short races in the USA.  (crazy that in our sport 5 and 9 hours is SHORT) 

Dates: October 22nd 

Location: La Pine State Park

Disciplines: Mountain biking, paddling, trek/running.

Course Open: 5 hours for "Little Loop," and 9 hours for "Beyond the Loop"

Team Format: Teams of 1,2, 3, & 4

Prizes: bragging rights, prizes, beer, high fives, free entry to next year! 

Rules: TBA

Mandatory Equipment: Sent via email.

Entry Fee: "Little Loop" - 50$ per person / "Beyond the Loop" - 75$ per person 


The ones that make this possible

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