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HAPPY NEW YEAR (Throwback Thursday Dec 29)

We love the new year at Bend Racing. And what better way to look forward to 2023 than to commit to some adventure! All our races are now open for registration, and we have two coaching slots available for the first time in over a year!

It is not only a time time look forward and build excitement for the coming year, but also a great time to reflect back on the journey that has led you to this point in your life. We usually choose some type of adventure to celebrate our gratitude for our past adventures. In 2016 we planned to do 16 sports (and yes, beer drinking is a sport in Bend, Oregon!) in a day. It was a bit of a stretch, but we managed quite well despite the frigid temps (mind you that this was before we had little kids).

This year we'll be skiing out to a remote cabin, towing our kids in the Thule Chariot. There is about 2 feet of new powder to plow through, so it will feel like we are doing 20 sports this year. Come to think of it, most days with our busy boys feels like we are doing 20 sports - even if we just play inside all day long!

We hope that you have a great finish to 2022, and join us in 2023 for one (or all) of our events! While we don't like empty New Year's Resolutions, we love the idea of making a commitment by signing up for life changing experiences - and we hope in some way that our races can be a part of your continued shift toward adventure, growth, and embracing teamwork in your life.

And parents - don't forget about the power of these experiences for your kids! In the 2022 Lapine Loop race nearly 1/3 of the teams were "family teams" with kids racing!

Regardless - enjoy the video, and we look forward to crossing paths in adventure!

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